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24/7 School Store is an online merchandise store service designed to integrate your school with a profitable fundraising model. No more staffing stores, storing inventory, or sitting on the items that don’t sell. You simply send us your logos, select your items and we do the rest until we send you a check at the end of every quarter. Schools have the option to select from a catalog of items ranging from standard t-shirts to vacuum insulated water bottles and everything in between. Your school makes money with every spirit-wear purchase. 

With our model, we provide the greatest percentage return compared to any of the competition. This is about the schools getting what they need and capitalizing on the passion that surrounds their programs!

How Did We Start?

24/7 School Store was born from the struggles of two athletic administrators working to find ways to fundraise for their small high school athletic programs. Limited resources and declining volunteers with the booster program limited our ability to sell merchandise, leaving us with two problems. Losing a revenue stream that supported our programs, and inventory that we were forced to give away to free up space. There had to be a better way… When we looked for solutions at other online Spirit-Wear stores and found three major problems:

1. The options in many of these stores were very generic and not easily customizable leaving several mediocre options. It took forever to find the good ones. This left the customers with what we like to call analysis paralysis!

2. Other companies are taking the majority of the profit, leaving schools with 10-15% of the profit after the sales are made. Schools are losing 85-90% on their brand!

3. There are minimum order numbers on the custom order sites and they all ship in one bulk option. This can be done, but does require work on the part of the school to distribute the goods!


With our model, all of our items are made to order and shipped directly to the consumer. We aim to source a mix of quality generic and brand name products that don’t break the bank. We don’t believe in spending extra for a triangle or a swoosh, rather we focus on the school’s brand as the major selling point. For the first time, the majority of profit stays with the school. Schools pay nothing up front!


  • There are no minimums. We fulfill single-piece orders all the time.
  • We aim to be efficient. We have many generic brand options. We keep costs low by not paying for the big brand names, rather focusing on your school brand.
  • Our quality is guaranteed. We use innovative digital printing and embroidery that will make your school colors pop, while providing a quick turnaround time.
  • All our online orders are typically produced and shipped within five to seven days, directly to the customer.